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Automate your SR&ED tax credit process with R&D Coach™ Software

R&D Coach Software is a project management tool for gathering technical and cost data to support Scientific Research and Experimental Development (SR&DE) tax credit claims. It has built-in flexibility for use by any size company in any industry.

From time sheet and project modules to T661 form and built-in import features, R&D Coach has all the tools your company needs to take advantage of Federal and Provincial SR&ED tax incentives.

R&D Coach was developed by KPMG's Montreal R&D Group which comprises several multidisciplinary teams of engineers, accountants and tax professionals having many years of experience in the preparation of successful SR&ED claims. Over the years, the group has recognized the need for a tool for its clients to gather information regarding their R&D activities. With Canada Customs and Revenue Agency (CCRA) asking for more documentation in support of SR&ED activities, the need is even greater.

By ensuring compliance with information and documentation requirements, R&D Coach can assist you in tracking all R&D activities and in preparing a solid SR&ED claim that could help maximize tax credits.

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