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Gathering of supporting Documentation
  • Quick data entry system for time sheets including templates for repeated time entries

  • Access to pre-written narratives (keywords) to describe work performed 

  • Gathering of time and cost by project, activity and sub-activity

  • Linking of documents to time sheets and projects

Project Management
  • Divides projects into sub-projects, activities and sub-activities

  • Budgets labor and other costs by projects and activity

  • Compares labor and other costs with actual costs

  • Gathers technical information (description, advancements, uncertainties, etc.) to prepare technical reports

  • Linking of documents to support technical description of projects

  • Retains project information for projects overlapping more than two taxation years

  • Allows gathering of data on non-eligible activities

  • Library of standard activities and creation of templates to avoid retyping when setting up new projects

  • A tree view report to see structure of each project, e.g. activities, sub-activities, documents attached, resources assigned etc.

Other Costs Module

  • Intelligent cost module which determines the rate of eligibility for each expense item

  • Permits the entering of eligible and non-eligible costs to keep a record of total costs of projects

  • Library of supplier names to speed up data entry

  • Ability to import data from other applications

Training and Ease of Operation

  • Easy to implement and basic training provided

  • User-friendly with optional tool tips for each menu button 

  • Project module includes tips to help prepare technical reports

  • A complete help module (F1)

  • Instantly bilingual

Security and Approval Features

  • Assignment of access privileges at the employee level to protect confidential information

  • Filtering of information on certain screens to allow partial access

  • Denies modification of previously entered time sheets at the option of the supervisor

  • Setting up of departments and assignment of employees, projects and activities to departments

  • Department supervisor can access time sheets of departmental employees for approval

Report Generation

  • Built in Report writer produces quick financial and management reports

  • Custom report writer helps create virtually any kind of report

  • Template to produce technical report in Word

  • On-line preparation of form T661 

Tax-related features

  • Calculates proxy amount by employee

  • Takes into account proxy amount restrictions for specified employees

  • Captures taxable benefits and bonuses for R&D pool and ITC purposes

  • Allows picking up support staff at the Quebec level in case of proxy election

  • Prevents the inclusion of bonuses into the R&D pool for specified employees

  • Captures entire salaries of employees who work 90% or more on R&D activities

  • Calculates Québec R&D wage tax credits and other Québec R&D incentives

  • Computes Québec R&D wage tax credits for sub-contracting work done in Québec

  • Computes Ontario Tax Credit

  • Keeps track of restrictions on non-arm's length transactions

  • Computes on-line investment tax credits (ITC's) both at the federal and provincial level

  • Prevents the entering of overhead costs where proxy is selected

  • Capable of comparing the ITC computed through the proxy and traditional methods

  • Determines the eligibility for 35% tax credit rate as well as 40% rate for Quebec

  • Introduction of B.C. R&D tax credit

Technical Features

  • 32 Bit Windows 95/98, 2000, ME, XP and  NT compatible graphical user interface

  • Operates on any network that supports Windows 95/98, 2000, ME, XP, and NT

  • Supports one billion records per data file

  • Accepts 1280K of data per record

  • Record seek (search) time 1/10 seconds per one billion records

  • Uses standard data base files

  • User level multi-function security access

  • Supports unlimited number of users concurrently

  • Multi-level fail-safe time sheet data entry

  • Features calendar, calculator and user diary

  • Capable of linking with any other program on record level

  • Automatic updates on local workstations by remote server for all users once the newer version is installed on the network

  • Built-in Re-index and Optimize utilities

List of Future Enhancements

  • Gantt Charts

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